Carpenter Leans on Pantry for Help after Fall -

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Carpenter Leans on Pantry for Help after Fall

Six months ago, Steve Turner, 54, stumbled off of a ladder leaning high over a roof. His crash injured his lower back which led to medical bills and eventually disability, as he is unable to work as a carpenter.

When bills squeezed his finances, getting enough food to eat became the compromise. That’s when his sister told him about how he could receive extra food at Interfaith Food Pantry in Hernando, Mississippi.

“I live by myself, and I could see that I was going to need some help,” he said.

“The supply of food has helped a lot, he said. I’m able to eat well and it enables me to take care of my health.”

Without a working vehicle, a friend dropped Steve off at the Pantry, then picked him up later as he waited near the Pantry’s entrance with several bags of canned food items and a sack full of bakery items.

“It was an unexpected thing that happened to me. I know there are a lot of other people who face this kind of problem they were not planning on happening,” he said. “I’m grateful to get the food. The help has removed a big worry I would otherwise definitely have to deal with.”

Posted by Andrew Bell at 12:11 PM
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