Save Lives,

Feed Families

AUGUST 2nd - AUGUST 31st, 2021

Presented by CIGNA & ACCREDO

From August 2nd - August 31st, 2021 every blood donation you make to Vitalant, $10 will be donated to the Mid-South Food Bank.

Want to save lives and feed local children, families, and seniors in need? Donate during the Save Lives, Feed Families blood drive, and a gift* will be made on your behalf to help our neighbors who need help with groceries.

Every two seconds, someone in the Memphis area needs blood. Meanwhile, more than 320,000 people in the Mid-South do not have access to enough nutritious food to live a healthy life. Your blood donation of one unit can save up to 3 lives while the $10 can provide 30 nutritious meals.

Thanks to CIGNA and ACCREDO for their $10,000 Save Lives, Feed Families sponsorship.* Through their generosity you can make double the impact with Vitalant and Mid-South Food Bank during August. 

Your blood donation of 1 unit can not only save up to 3 lives, but for the same unit, Vitalant will pass on $10 to Mid-South Food Bank providing 30 nutritious meals. When Save Lives, Feed Families achieves its goal the total impact will save more than 1,000 lives and provide 30,000 meals in the Memphis metro area.

Donors wishing to give blood can contact: or Call: 877-25-VITAL (877-258-4825)

For more information and to find the nearest Mobile Blood Drive in your community, go to, click on “Make an Appointment”, then enter your desired zip code, for mobile drive locations and times.

You can also donate at any of the 5 Memphis area donor centers. Locations and operation times are listed below.

*Appointments are encouraged. Walk-ins are welcome subject to availability.  


Mid-South Food Bank and Vitalant are extremely grateful to CIGNA and ACCREDO. Their generous support is making twice the impact in our community by helping us save lives through critically needed blood donations and by providing funds to provide nutritious meals to feed families in our community.

*Save Lives, Feed Families is an initiative of the Blood Science Foundation. Vitalant and the Mid-South Food Bank are both 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit organizations.