West Memphis families receive assistance at Arkansas Mobile Pantry

WEST MEMPHIS, Ark. -- Many families across the Mid-South suffer from food insecurity. Our Mobile Pantry Program is a quick way for us to directly feed hundreds of people without needing storage.

Families started lining up hours before the food distribution began. Our donors make it possible for us to purchase food to pass out.

We found Mary and Stanley waiting in their van to receive assistance during the Mobile Pantry distribution. The couple says they depend on this program to survive.

Stanley is a Marine veteran who gets groceries from the Mid-South Food Bank every time there is a Mobile Pantry in the area. “It supplements food that I can’t afford. I assume everyone else that comes out here and waits three or four hours… it helps them a lot,” Stanley said.

Our partner agencies and their volunteers pass out food to 300, or more, households during distributions. These events make a big impact in just a few short hours.

Mary told us, “We wouldn’t know what we would do without it (Mobile Food Pantry) ... thank you.”