Keeping Kids in Mind During Mobile Distributions

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Child hunger is a widespread problem. One of the ways Mid-South Food Bank fights this problem with our kid-friendly mobile pantry distributions.

In partnership with the Memphis branch of the Internal Revenue Services (IRS), the Food Bank hosted a Mobile Pantry distribution at Getwell Elementary School in Memphis, Tennessee. The purpose of this pantry is to provide nutritious food that’s easy for children to prepare after school while their parents are working.

The principal of Getwell Elementary, Tina Smith, said “This is a very poverty-stricken area. So the need for food is very great.”

According to research from Feeding America, child hunger has increased from 21% to a little over 30% due to the effects of COVID-19. This means nearly 1-in-3 children go home to little or no food.

Mid-South Food Bank’s Child Nutrition Program hosts kid-friendly Mobile Pantry distributions as often as possible. Funding from our donors makes it possible for us to provide meals for children who face hunger in our area.

Principal Smith told us, “Our babies are at a disadvantage. The basic necessities that other students have…our babies have…are really a struggle to get.”



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