Friends Get Help Together at Mobile Pantry

Extra Porter and her friend Fred Lenoir heard about the food available at the emergency Mobile Pantry distribution at Shady Grove Presbyterian Church. The two retired seniors arrived together in separate cars at the East Memphis church’s parking lot on a Friday morning when the very last of the allotment of food was waiting for them.

Both received bags of apples and spinach and more. Both planned to share the food with neighbors. “For myself, I just moved into an apartment and I have no food, so this will help,” Adair said. “If you can get help with food that you need, then it carries over with the bills, like utilities.”

Porter said some of the food was going to her neighbor, Tina, also a senior. She valued the help, she said, because she is the caretaker for her handicapped husband, Allen. She noted the ongoing list of Mid-South Food Bank Mobile Pantries, indicating she was going to visit another one closer to her home when she needed more food.

“The help that’s being provided at these distributions is going to be critical in crazy, uncertain times. There was already a need for this help because of the high poverty in the area, and now there’s a tremendously bigger need because of the virus and unemployment.”

Posted by Andrew Bell at 09:06
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