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Kids Kan (Feb. 18-March 31) is an annual donation drive aligned for area elementary and middle schools. Typically, over 100 schools participate. The goal is two-fold: To get schools to (electively) compete (over at least a two-week period) against one another in totals of financial donations and non-perishable food donations, as well as to educate students on food insecurity, which over 370,000 people in the region confront.

Schools with high participation receive prizes and top winners earn honors. Food items desired include jars of peanut butter, cans of veggies and fruits and assorted meats. Contact Donald Brown with questions: 901-405-0071

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Tips to Make Kids Kan 2020 Successful

Choose your campaign dates so they don't conflict with too many other activities.

Collect Money, $1.00 = 3 items / Collect non-perishable canned food items

Save Boxes. Copy paper boxes are terrific.  Remember that smaller boxes that have lids or can be closed are better than giant boxes that are open. Rule of thumb ... if you can’t lift it, we can’t lift it!

Encourage competition!  We’ve found that there are numerous creative ideas to get the competitive juices flowing. If you need some ideas, please call Donald Brown 901-405-0071

Remind students to participate.  Arrange prep rallies. Sounds simple, but kids and parents need frequent reminders. Two weeks can go very fast!

MSFB will try to get all food collected within (3) weeks following Kids Kan's conclusion.

Please have all food collected boxed and in one central location to facilitate pick up by the driver.  There are literally hundreds of stops that must be made.  Any help in making that happen would be greatly appreciated. 

While cheap and plentiful, Raman Noodles have very little nutrition value.  We do not need bottled water.  Discourage them, if possible. 

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