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     Bare Needs Diaper Bank

Diapers cost over $100 every month for one baby and adult incontinent products can cost over $160 monthly for one person - a necessary, burdensome expense for low-income families in Shelby County. The lack of these products impacts the physical, mental and economic well-being of low income families, taking up over 11% of monthly income. DONATE HERE and select Diaper Bank in the drop-down menu.

The Bare Needs Diaper Bank, a program of Mid-South Food Bank, works to alleviate the cost by providing diapers in all sizes. These products are classified as luxury goods, so there are NO governmental assistance programs that cover them. The Diaper Bank also distributes period products to help women and girls have these necessary monthly supplies. The Diaper Bank distributes baby diapers, period supplies and adult incontinence products through our network of Partner Agencies, and diapers-only agencies.

         You Can Help          

The Diaper Bank needs donations of products and funds. Drop products off at Mid-South Food Bank (3865 S. Perkins Rd.), or via check to the Food Bank noting it's for the Diaper Bank, or give online. Every $1 helps provide 7 diapers. Providing access to these products will support and enhance each individual/family's health, dignity and quality of life.