Walmart Fight Hunger/Spark Change -

Ways to Give


     Fight Hunger/Spark Change

Through May 15 patrons can support Food Bank's across the nation, including Mid-South Food Bank, by purchasing selected products - including Campbell's Soup, General Mills, Kellog's, Kraft and Pepsico - either at Walmart or at

Look for the Fight Hunger logo on the container.

With each purchase Walmart is donating the equivalent of one meal to Food Banks. The national campaign, in its 7th year, expects to yield over 100 million meals for Food Banks, which will mean thousands of meals for people in the Mid-South through Mid-South Food Bank.

What's more: Customers who purchase selected products by using their Discover card, an additional meal will be donated.

Customers can also donate to Mid-South Food Bank directly by giving $1 or $2 pr $5 at the Walmart registers. Every $1 donated will generate 3 meals for food-insecure households across the Mid-South. 

Help spread the word about Fight Hunger/Spark Change- post "#FightHunger" on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Walmart will donate 10 meals for each post.

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