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Mid-South Food Bank provides food for an estimated 230,000 different people annually across 31 Mid-South counties. This and other pertinent information is based on the study,  Hunger in the Mid-South 2016. That study is based on information on the clients and agencies served by Mid-South Food Bank, and drawn from the national study, Hunger in America 2016, which was conducted in 2014 by Mid-South Food Bank and Feeding America - the nation's largest organization of emergency food providers. 

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Hunger in America 2014 documents the critical role that Feeding America member food banks and their partner agencies play in supporting struggling families in the United States. Study results are based on nationally representative surveys conducted in 2013 of agencies that operate food programs in the charitable food assistance network supported by Feeding America and of clients that access services through that network.    

The Client Survey was a survey of Mid-South Food Bank's food program clients who receive services from our Partner Agencies. Visits to programs to conduct Client Surveys were carried out by Food Bank staff and volunteers in the spring and summer of 2013.

The Client Survey sought information from those served by the Agencies and the programs they operate. The Client Survey excluded programs that serve only children or persons with severe cognitive or mental health disabilities, home delivery programs, and confidential locations such as domestic violence shelters where data collection would violate privacy.

Although children were not eligible to participate as respondents, they are included in the client counts and other data when they are members of entire households served by food programs, as is the case with programs that provide groceries.  The information in this report is based solely on the agencies and programs that participated in this study, adjusted by weighting to account for sampling and nonresponse. 

Food Insecurity

Wordle: Feed the NeedFood insecurity is a term frequently used in the hunger study. It is defined as "not always having access to enough food to meet basic needs."