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Mid-South Food Bank Taps Chief Development Officer

Mid-South Food Bank Taps Chief Development Officer

Memphis, TN (Feb. 13, 2013) -- Mid-South Food Bank announces the appointment of Shelley Alley as its chief development officer, overseeing funding development, marketing and communications. Alley, a Pine Bluff, Ark., native, previously worked as the marketing communications manager for Cummins Mid-South L.L.C. for the past eight years.  

While at Cummins, Alley helped lead that company’s continual support of the Food Bank and particularly the organization’s child hunger programs. Estella Mayhue-Greer, Mid-South Food Bank president and CEO, said that Alley’s familiarity with the Food Bank’s operations prepared for her a smooth transition from a collaborator to chief development officer. 

“We are really pleased that she has joined the Food Bank Team. She is committed to our mission to fight hunger in the Mid-South,” said Mayhue-Greer.