Cookie Letter -


The Cookie Letter

Make your 2018 Holidays extra special by honoring your friends and family with the Mid-South Food Bank Cookie Letter!

The Cookie Letter is a unique holiday gift for companies and individuals to give special gifts to their clients, friends and family.  Each letter we send to your friends describes in humorous detail the amount of food provided by your gift and comes with a simple box of gourmet cookies. This year’s text will read, in part:

“As your holiday gift, Mr. & Mrs. X (YOU!) have purchased for you: 2 turkeys, 3 baked hams, 15 packages of stuffing, 30 onions, a case of green beans, 20 pounds of potatoes, 6 gallons of milk, a case of single-serve soup, 10  pumpkin pies, and, to top it all off, a package of delicious cookies.  But knowing you have a full pantry, we gave your turkeys to a homeless shelter, your hams, stuffing, onions, green beans and potatoes to a food pantry, your milk and soup to our Food for Kids BackPack program and your pies to a Kids Cafe.  That leaves only the cookies, which are enclosed for you.  But you also receive the joy of knowing you helped make someone's holiday season very happy indeed."

For a $50 per letter minimum donation per letter, you provide approximately 150 meals for our hungry neighbors holiday season. We will send letters (and cookies!) to everyone on your list. 

Complete the order form here.  Then send it to us, along with your list of recipients, and we'll get your Cookie Letters in the mail.  Or pay online and select Cookie Letter from the drop-down box, then email your list to Britney McGhee at  

You can call Britney with any questions, 901-373-0412.